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Intermediate Amulet One-on-one Lesson

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Intermediate Amulet 1 hour Lesson $130 Collected too many Thai amulets? Not sure what type of amulet to wear to achieve desired results? Want to learn the difference between a wearing vs investment grade amulet? We have all the answers to your questions with our one-on-one 1-hour lesson. We will also give you a complimentary amulet. Our one-on-one 1-hour lesson covers: ??What are the differences between wearing vs collection type of amulets? ??Analysis of your current amulet collection. ??How to build up your amulet collection? ??How to configure your current daily amulet wearing to improve your life? ??Q & A We will collect $20 non refundable deposit from you for each lesson booking.Book your lesson!

$ 130/hour


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