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Marketing and Design Services

I'm a very good writer. I have written ad copies for the Singapore Discovery Centre, the S-League, MOM and MCCY for special event videos. I have also written ad scripts for internal sales videos for Siemens and PUB NEWater, which required analysing complex details of their technology and presenting them as sales points for their audience. Having a Bachelors in Law (UK) has enabled me to digest big amounts of information quickly, and translate it into succinct laymen terminology. I have worked both freelance and for companies, and have experience with clients from corporate companies, government agencies, as well as individuals. I also have edited hundreds of cover letters and resumes, curating their content for relevance, and formatting their appearance according to the cultures of the particular industry. I do simple grammar and paragraphing editing for student admission essays, though I do not believe in rewriting their essays as that would go against the integrity of the admissions process. I work remotely and independently, always available for a quick meeting in the CBD/Orchard area or your office, but I am not looking for a full time position. Email me with the specifics of your job, and I will get back to you with a quote. My special interest subjects include: (not limited to) Technology (Personal tech, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, molecular biology) History (Naturalist history, molecular phylogenetics, geographical history, political history) Public Interest (Public health, government informatics, political news, sociological thinking points) Psychology (Psychiatry, neuroscience, nano-neurology, DSM criterion, mental health and society) Culture (traditional visual art, digital visual art, film studies, literature, pop culture, music) Literature (science fiction, fantasy fiction, biography, roman de fleuve stories) Pop culture (Hollywood, celebrity culture, meta-culture, influence culture, acting as a craft, awards show coverage, TV series and movie reviews)

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