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Tourist Guide guiding you into the deepest of the deep of all Singapore

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Speaking English, Mandarin (otherwise also known sometimes as Chinese), Japanese and some Thai I am taking you on a personal relatable sneaking running and strolling in and out of this small isle.
thisThat which Singaporeans think they already know, Expats think that all is boring and mundane, Tourists think all there is to be done can be found in that B5 brochure, I'm busting that myth!

From the mundane to the extreme; simple to the complicated; how about joining me on a discovery on your feet of what tickles Singaporeans and many of those who have found a home here on this little red dot.
There's the cultural, ethnic, heritage, fashionable, commercial, natural states in little known corners here I hope to share and lead you out of the concrete into the nooks and crannies.

Talk to me about your itinerary... or just weeping over a break up, I'm cool for all.

$ 40/hour

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  • Male , 40

A contrarian since young, I have had my share of off-the-beaten-track experiences in travel, as well as, in life.

Lived in Tokyo for almost 2 years working the sheets at a Boutique Guesthouse; a year in TV commercial production in Bangkok; and another year of guesthouse setting up at Onomichi, Japan (if you haven't been here, you MUST!)
Number of months spent outta town isn't many though it's gifted me a fair share of meeting terrific people who's kind to their bones; had me realized how fortunate I am born bred in Singapore and able to discover bigger longer lands than home.

Which brings me to my story that I'd like to share from a rebel's perspective, someone who once had as much disdain for Singapore as a tourist who would stay miles away from a Durian. Come listen to my sharing


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