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1 Question Tarot Reading

Life Style Services

redhill, Singapore

You may ask 1 question about love or career or even a general one. I recommend that questions are to be kept as open ended as possible.

You may email me @ thesecretdoorsales@gmail.com for further enquiries.

£ 18/hour

3 Question Tarot Reading

Life Style Services

Singapore, Singapore

You may ask questions from a variety of aspects in your life. It would be best to keep questions as opened ended as possible. There will be no time limit for this as well. If you were to add on questions, charges will apply!

For further enquiries, you may drop me an email @ thesecretdoorsales@gmail.com

£ 42/hour

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  • Female , 23

I’m based in Singapore! I have been practicing and learning the tarot for almost close to 2 years now! I like to use the tarot to help people. The tarot is a great tool to provide insights to situations and the divine beings I’m working with help to give advice as to how to go about dealing each circumstance good or #.

Even tho I do not have a lot of experience as compared to others, I always believe in “we all have to start somewhere” I have been practicing by giving readings to my friends and family and they have always said that it is quite accurate. I would like to now highlight that the tarot can tell you the possible future but, it is not set in stone. There are so many outcomes because your actions will shape your future or change it. Your destiny is dictated by yourself.


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