Frequently Asked Questions

Hire for your project / Work as a freelancer

Setting up an account
Hire a freelancer
Work with the freelancer
Browse through Database
  • Once your account is set up and activated, you can search Obuhi’s database for freelancers who match your requirements by going on the Talent page. Customise your search by using the filters provided. 
Post a job
  • Create a job post on the Obuhi is simple and done in a few quick steps. A job post helps you describe exactly what you are looking for in your freelancer.
  • Browse through similar job posts to help understand how to create your post.
  • Take the time to add as much detail as you can including your budget so freelancers have a good understanding of your requirements.
  • Obuhi Video Screening allows shortlisted freelancers to record answers to specific questions you may wish to ask. This allows you to make a smarter, more informed decision when selecting a freelancer.
  • Before making your post live, you will be required to link your Obuhi account to your PayPal Business account. Do ensure you have all the details handy before finishing the process. 
Invite Bids
  • You can invite shortlisted freelancers to bid for your project. 
  • If the freelancers accept your invitation, they can submit their bid by providing the necessary information.
  • You can view submitted bids under the Bids tab on the Jobs page.
  • Obuhi’s unique Video CVs allows you to get a unique 1 min preview of the freelancer’s skills and experience. This allows you to make a smart decision while choosing the ideal freelancer for your project. 
  • We recommend using Obuhi’s messaging facility to reach out to freelancers and discuss all aspects of the project before making a decision.
Finalise a freelancer
  • The enterprises finalise their choice of freelancer by accepting their bid.
  • Once a bid is accepted, the enterprise will need to initiate a contract with the freelancer. This is done by filling in the necessary information on the popup.
  • The contract is shared with the freelancer for their input. The enterprise and freelancer are encouraged to discuss all aspects of the project before accepting.
  • Once the enterprise and freelancer accept all the terms on the contract including but not limited to timesheet and milestones, the enterprise will be required to initiate the first payment. This includes first instalment of payment due to the freelancer as per the agreed terms, Service fee due to Obuhi for both enterprise and freelancer and applicable admin fees. Please note : the money transferred by the enterprise will only be paid out to the freelancer on submission and approval by client of relevant timesheet.
  • The project is deemed as initiated once the payment has been received by Obuhi from the Enterprise.
Paying for your Project
  • You can pay freelancers for jobs as a fixed amount or a per hour basis. You will be asked to choose this at the time of creating your job post.
  • Once a contract is approved by both you and the freelancer, Obuhi will debit money for the first instalment+ applicable service and administration fees from your PayPal account. Payment will be collected from enterprises at the beginning of the job contract and subsequently the beginning of each week and disbursed to the freelancer at the end of the following week subject to submission of timesheet and approval by client.
  • Subsequent instalments will be debited from your PayPal account on submission of relevant timesheets by the freelancer and approval by you.
  • If you wish to dispute a timesheet submitted by the freelancer, you can do so by flagging it off on the “In Review” tab on the Reports page.
  • Please note that you are responsible for filing your tax returns in your respective country as per relevant tax laws. Obuhi is not responsible for maintaining your tax returns
Message Board
  • Obuhi’s encrypted chat facility enables you to easily and safely reach out to clients and freelancers to message each other or share documents relevant to the assignment. 
  • You are encouraged to maintain regular communication with the freelancer and review work when submitted to ensure there are no gaps in expectations.
Job Centre
  • You can manage your ongoing project on the Jobs Centre page. It provides you at a single glance your milestones, timesheets submitted by freelancers, job progress and documents related to various projects. 
  • You can store relevant files and documents and view them in Job Centre, sorted by each project. 
  • All relevant files for a project are stored for your reference for 30 days after the project is completed. 
All Jobs
  • The All Jobs page provides a comprehensive view of all your projects, bids submitted by freelancers, shortlisted freelancers, invitations sent by you, jobs in progress and completed jobs. 
  • You can invite bids, view shortlisted freelancers,  check bid status and completed projects on this page. 

At Obuhi we believe in keeping the fees simple and clean

Fees to be Paid to ObuhiProject Value > 1000Project Value < 1000
EnterpriseUSD 100USD 50
FreelancerUSD 100USD 50

A 3% admin fee will be charged for each financial transaction in addition to the service fee. 

Account related
  • Forgot user id – your user id is the email id you used to open the account. 
  • Forgot password – If you have forgotten your password, click on the forgot password link and follow the instructions to generate a new password. 
  • Edit personal information – you can edit or update your profile by clicking on the edit profile link. 
Project related
  • For any project related issues, Obuhi encourages both parties (i.e. client and freelancer) to resolve the matter bilaterally and amicably and use Obuhi’s messaging facility to communicate with each other. 
  • In the event, user agreement or contract has not been received by either party after approving it, please write in with all the details to
  • If the enterprise is not satisfied with a timesheet or deliverable or has not received a timesheet as per schedule, it can raise a dispute by clicking on the dispute button under the timesheet section of the reports page.
  • If the client disputes a freelancer’s work for 2 consecutive weeks, Obuhi will refund the money to the Client for that period after deducting service and administrative fees and cancel the contract. 
Payment related
  • Obuhi is using PayPal to help payments being transferred easily and safely from the client to the freelancer.
  • For Enterprise, please ensure you have a linked a valid PayPal account to your Obuhi account in order for the freelancer to commence work on your project. 
  • Payment will be collected from enterprises at the beginning of the job contract and subsequently the beginning of each week and disbursed to the freelancer at the end of the following week subject to submission of timesheet and approval by client. Obuhi collects the money from the client in advance to ensure protection of the freelancer’s rights and efforts.
  • The project shall only reflect as commenced once the funds have been received by Obuhi.
  • For any other issues related to receiving payments, please write into with all your details.