General FAQ

  • 01.What is Obuhi?
  • Obuhi is a fast growing, socially responsible online community of professionals who desire flexibility, choice and autonomy from their careers. If you desire higher incomes, flexibility and choice in your work, simply join the Obuhi community free of cost and instantly have access to the world of opportunity that awaits you. Obuhi aims to create new definitions of “work” and employment beyond the strict parameters today by opening the platform to a broad spectrum of professions and opportunities. This will help expand earning potential and opportunities for people who don’t strictly fall under the categories of “structured” or “traditional” employment. Obuhi will go beyond the technology platform it offers to both customers and service providers. We aim to create “Communities” for various professionals where they are able to interact with peers, keep up to date with industry knowledge etc. Be independent. Be autonomous. Be Free. Be Obuhi.

  • 02.How does Obuhi work?
  • The Obuhi platform connects independent workers seeking assignments to individuals looking for service providers. Simply create your profile on Obuhi and enable thousands of individuals who are looking for service providers to connect with you. Connect with other likeminded professionals through Obuhi Communities. Expand your horizons and your business. Be independent. Be autonomous. Be Free. Be Obuhi.

  • 03.Posting on Obuhi
  • Like other social media platforms, you are encouraged to post your views, photographs, links to other websites through your profile page (Link to profile page). Your tribe (customers, peers and friends) can like, share and comment on your posts. Posts increase your visibility on the platform and improve your chances of landing gigs.

  • 04.Manage your calendar
  • As a premium subscriber, you have the privilege of making your availability known to those who seek your services. You can indicate time slots that you are available. Customers can choose which time slots suit them and block to book your time. You will be notified via an email to your preferred id and you have the flexibility to accept or decline the gig.

  • 05.Notifications on Obuhi
  • As a service provider, you will see new messages, requests to connect and calendar requests through the notification link on the top right of your screen. As a customer, you will receive notifications for requests to connect and when………………

  • 06.I'm a EU Resident. Can I use the Obuhi website and Services .

Login & Registration

  • 01.How do you create your profile on Obuhi?
  • We, at Obuhi believe in making it absolutely easy and quick for you to be on your way to finding gigs for yourself. As a service provider, all you need to do is provide basic details through this link ………….about your work, your skills and any testimonials you wish to highlight. That’s it! It’s all that’s needed. A few tips to help you along: - Ensure the profile is complete - Ensure the descriptions are well written so that customers have an accurate picture of your skills - Price your services competitively

Regarding Bids

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Payments & Refunds

  • 01.Getting Paid
  • Obuhi believes in the power of its social platform to link freelancers to those who seek their services. We do not charge either the service provider or the customer to make the connection and don’t earn from the transaction either. Compensation for the gig will be decided between the service provider and the customer independently and payments shall be handled between the parties outside of the platform. In due course, Obuhi shall offer the facility of customers being able to make the payment through the platform but Obuhi WILL NOT earn commissions on the transactions.