The market is evolving, so is the skillset. Is your workforce ready?

Divya Oberoi, Obuhi Marketing
May 3, 2019
Jun 2, 2020

About one-third of the core skillsets in most jobs will be soon replaced by the new ones. The lack of understanding of these disruptive changes will be one of the major barriers to this progression. There is a constant, fundamental transformation taking place in the way we work today. With the growing market and the changing work culture, the skillsets required in a workplace are also changing day-by-day. Subjects like Data Science, content management, statistical modelling, digital marketing and so on are gaining momentum. This is not the time to relax and wait for the events to unfold. Organisations have to be prepared for the future while recognizing the changing talent requirements and redefine it accordingly.

In large organisations, the employers are focusing more on investing into training and development programs. Skill development has become one of the most important course of actions. However, for SMEs, the challenge still persists. The resources are limited, so is the skillset. So how do small organisations keep up with the rising competition?

This is where the ever-growing gigonomy comes to the rescue. When you run a small business, you have no choice but to work with the limited options. Your employee’s skillset is restricted while there are multiple tasks that need to be done. Outsourcing work to freelancers from different fields helps as it’s the professionals that you appoint. Not only is it cost-effective, but there is no compromise when it comes to quality of the work too. While the changing workforce trends are dramatically impacting the entire workplace experience, here are some areas that you can look up while outsourcing work to freelancers –

  • Data Scientist

The demand for data science these days is immensely increasing; it is more important today than ever before. Many industries, these days are sprouting out of data science, including AI and machine learning. So hiring a Data Scientist with the right expertise, superior skills, and big ideas to join your team is clearly going to make a big difference in the long run. The question is, how to it?

What kind of the Data Scientist your company actually needs will depend on a couple of factors – what questions are you trying to solve and answer, what is the current state of your data operation and what technology is your team using? An excellent candidate is not only well-versed with building models and extracting data from valuable insights, but also knows how to create data science solutions for specific problems.

  • Technical Writers


Sometimes, the most critical writing that keeps businesses and industries going is more technical and complex. Such writing aims to target your peers, partners, customers and vendors. Consider, you have your team of developers and engineers to create an awesome product. The features of this certain product and you cannot wait to deliver it to your prospects. It’s that moment, when you realise you need user manuals that not only defines your product but also outlines its functionality.

Technical writers have the awareness and experience of the various content development tools and the different methodologies and delivery options that can provide the most cost-effective, accurate and complete delivery of documentation. While this profession is important to the multiple fields of human endeavour, there are different types of technical writing. Hiring an experienced technical writer for a project gives you an edge because of their organisational and grammatical skills to communicate complex concepts, procedures and knowledge to a wide variety of audiences.

  • Content Strategist

As more and more companies look to create blogs, videos, podcasts and other content, it makes sense to have professionals on your side to help you refine these efforts. Building a strategy may not be a regular practise and therefore, having a freelancer do this job is better than hiring a full-time employee.

One of the advantages of hiring a freelance strategist is the wide experience that they’ve gained by working on a number of projects with a range of different brands and organisations. A professional content strategist will not only tailor content as per the different digital and social media platforms, but also has a primary understanding of telling compelling stories.

  • Tax Planning

With their experience and credentials in this area, tax planners help you with your taxes, specifically assisting you in your business taxes. Understanding the tax code can be difficult if you’re not a pro. It also changes from year to year. Professional tax preparers keep up with these changing codes and policies so that you don’t have to. Besides saving your time and money, Tax professionals can answer all your tax-related questions and resolve issues for you.

Experienced tax planners have likely done hundreds, if not thousands of tax returns and they’re familiar with all the tax rules and can also find opportunities that you could miss. For small businesses, it is important to hire a tax planner. Not only is it expensive, but it also takes the hassle out of doing it yourself, in turn allowing you to focus on operations that require your major attention.

The roles that existed yesterday no longer exist, while the roles that subsist today may transform tomorrow or disappear altogether. Top organizations are already responding to these changes in workforce expectations. This transformation in the workforce demographics will continue as we move further towards 2020. The question is, is your company ready to embrace this shift?

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