The Freelance Revolution in India is the Next Big Thing! Are you ready for it, Seattle?

Divya Oberoi, Obuhi Marketing
Apr 27, 2020
Jun 1, 2020


It’s no longer a secret that India has the second largest freelance workforce on earth, after US. The unprecedented technological disruption, increasing ease in doing business and the perfect demography are fuelling a transformation in the Indian talent eco-system that is making it truly global.

  • 9-5’ is no longer the ‘in-thing’:


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One in every four Indians is young and hungry for doing something truly ‘different’ now. They are no longer satisfied with the status-quo of a 9-to-5 career. Increased internet connectivity has unleashed a truly scorching entrepreneurial drive, with seamless agility and limitless flexibility, defining priorities for more than 350 million aspiring young Indians. The 21st century Indian Professional is no longer content with the stability of a ‘fixed’ profile or position, he/she wants to cross over domains and geographies, challenge expectations and change the rules of the game, in whatever they are doing.

Ultra-rapid digital penetration is also causing a truly positive seismic shift in culture, perceptions, and thinking. Young professionals from India, want to experience new cultures, think out of the box, innovate and grow like never before.

  • Stand-up’ and ‘start-up’ is the new mantra now:

Vector Smart Object-2

And this is easily reflected in the way the Indian IT space is evolving with a complete shift in focus from low-level back-end outsourcing to advanced solution development engineered through AI, Machine-Learning, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

Indians are no longer merely coding, they are creating top of the line applications for a wide variety of domains, from finance to travelling and everything in between. The Young Indian Professional of today, is upskilling and re-skilling continuously with an intense desire to envision and implement something truly ground-breaking.

  • Go-getters’ rather than ‘Pencil-Pushers’ :

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The Indian Professional of today no longer wants to be a mere cog in the machine. They are ‘go-getters’. Always ready to push the boundaries and realise newer benchmarks of excellence. ‘Grabbing the initiative’ and ‘leading from the front’ is in their blood, which makes them ideally suited for the demands of a dynamic economy.

  • East + West; a match truly made in heaven :

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All of this is empowering a ‘gig’ revolution like never before, and it makes perfect sense to marry it with the growing tech boom occurring across the Pacific North – West. This will create a unique convergence of talent, ideas and potential between the East and the West, leading to a successful symbiosis that benefits everyone. This sounds especially good, when one considers that the Indian workforce of today, is not only highly skilled, but also well-heeled with an almost native-level proficiency in English.

So if you are a start-up or an SME, ready to lead the next paradigm shift with that ‘cool’ idea from the shores of the Puget Sound. Expand your horizons, open your doors to the path-breaking dynamism of the Indian gig landscape. Platforms like Obuhi today can easily connect you to the best talent, out there and since 21st Century is already considered by many to be the ‘Indian Century’, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss the bus.

After all, if Bengaluru could tango with Menlo Park, effortlessly, then why can’t Seattle with Mumbai or Gurgaon?

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