The Emerald City is ready to embrace the big change. Are you?

Divya Oberoi, Obuhi Marketing
Nov 6, 2019
Jun 1, 2020


Although famous for its crazy coffee-culture, nowadays the biggest buzz of Seattle comes from its small-business & startup communities. Ideas are brewing and technology is fuelling massive growth in the emerald city. The fastest-growing companies that are based in Seattle operate in a wide range of industries, right from food & real estate to bicycle manufacturing and other tech-related areas.

Now that the city is not just running on its espresso, but also innovative and exciting technology, let’s have a look at the three companies that represent the true spirit of the startup scene in the city. Though very young, all of them show enough promise through their brilliant ideas and transformative technology and are based somewhere in Seattle.

  • Brook

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Being fit and leading a healthy life is not easy to manage, especially given your busy lifestyle. But it is very important to keep your health and wellbeing on top of everything else regardless of your jam-packed schedule. Fortunately, it’s the smart era that we live in, and with the ‘digital health’ trend picking up fast, there’s a better way out.

Brook, an AI-enabled app provides you personalised health recommendations and medications by keeping a track of your movements, eating habits, and sleep. The app runs in the background on the user’s device and then taps into the sensors to collect all the data on the individual’s activity and also sleep patterns. Along with connecting users to nutritionists, dieticians, and other specialists, it also offers personalized solutions to individuals with type 2 diabetes. Headquartered in Seattle’s Pioneer neighbourhood, the company raised a $4 million seed last year to build up engineering and marketing teams.

  • Crowd Cow

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The farm-to-table has now moved from restaurants to home. With the increased interest in organic and unprocessed food, the demand for pasture-raised meat has also grown. Meet Crowd Cow, it connects you directly with local farmers, letting you choose the cow and your cut. What’s interesting is, Crowd Cow allows the consumer to know exactly where the meat comes from and how the animal was treated before you cook it.

Co-founded by two friends, Joe Heitzeberg and Ethan Lowry, the company also handles logistics and provides users a way to learn about the ranch and the cow and more through the app and has raised $10 million till date.

  • Canotic


Big data is not a new concept anymore, but it is still significant. With more and more companies leveraging the power of big data, the demand for Data Scientists and Data Analysts has increased. Globally, the demand for Data Scientists is expected to increase by more than 40% in the coming years. With more and more companies seeking to make use of the giant data and the ever-growing demand, people with the relevant Data Science skills often command extremely high salaries.

Analysing data is often seen as not only the most important aspect but also the scariest part of any research. Big data can be a big mess if you don’t have the appropriate tools to sort through and make sense of it. But, with Canotic, companies can easily apply AI and machine learning to unstructured datasets without the need for top data scientists. Much like the traditional software compilers that automatically and quickly transform computer code by using programming languages, Canotic does the same for analysing data with AI and Machine learning. Its data program tools can label complex unstructured data and create real-time production APIs and much more without any human intervention.

The tech invasion and the fast-growing startup culture is changing the vibe in the city. Fresh ideas are being brewed every other day and more opportunities are making their way towards the Emerald City. In a region that is witnessing such explosive growth, it isn’t surprising to see young professionals looking for ways to make it to Seattle and be a part of the tech scene. With all the booming startup culture and the dramatic change in the city, could this be a wake-up call for freelancers?

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