Seattle – The next favourite stop of Silicon Valley?

Divya Oberoi, Obuhi Marketing
Sep 27, 2019
Jun 2, 2020


In the last ten years, the tech scene in Seattle has changed quite dramatically. According to a new report, no city has added more tech jobs in the last two years than Seattle. Although it is a second-tier startup city, the Seattle region is rated as the second-best tech market in the nation after the Bay area. Home to the biggest tech giants like Amazon and Microsoft and with the abundance of tech talent, plus an excellent university with a stellar computer-science & engineering department, Seattle is brimming with ideas and immense possibilities.

The growth in Seattle’s tech industry has fuelled the office market. A report from the real estate company, CBRE, shows how the tech industry has changed the landscape of office markets around the country. In 2017, the Seattle area added a combined 33,803 jobs, resulting in a growth rate of 25.7 percent. Considering the growth percentage, where St. Louis stood second with an increase in jobs by 23 percent, Seattle has dominated all other markets in terms of the number of jobs added. But a major credit goes to a rapidly evolving network that includes the ‘startup weekends’ where different teams come together and create mock-ups of new products in just about 54 hours and an active investing community.

As the startup ecosystem in the Seattle area is on the rise, numerous local innovations are speeding up the change. Let’s have a look at the three startups that represent the depth and diversity of the startup scene in Seattle. Each of these companies is based in Seattle, less than five years old and wields innovative and exciting technology.

  • Suplari


AI isn’t fiction anymore. Businesses are leveraging the power of AI to manage innumerable data points, automating their most significant tasks, saving a huge amount of time and money. Suplari, an AI-powered product is what every Bookkeeper has always dreamt of. It allows enterprise-level companies like Wayfair, Nordstrom and 21st Century Fox to analyse data and understand how they’re paying suppliers and where they can reduce costs. It also helps them to better identify their inefficiencies within their businesses.

The company is planning to add another 15 employees in the coming year, while its current roll call is past 40 people. Suplari has raised $18.6 million to date from well-known West Coast VCs, including the Shasta Ventures and Amplify Partners.

  • Jet Closing


We know how much people love discussing properties. If you’ve bought a house or sold one, you’d know how many documents it takes to complete the process. Founded in 2016, JetClosing digitalises the home closing process for realtors, buyers, and sellers, which in turn helps people to save paper and their time. The company uses cloud technology and a mobile app, which means buyers and sellers can now sign documents digitally and complete the escrow process in just about a few days.

The company, which prides on helping hundreds of brokerage companies, agents and buyers experience a hassle-free closing experience, has raised $23.4 million from VC big shots like T. Rowe Price.

  • Xinova

Suppose your company needs an invention, a process, a new product or maybe a widget, but you don’t have research guys at the moment. Who do you count on? That’s right, Xinova’s got you! A Seattle-based company spun out of Nathan Myhrvold’s Intellectual Ventures, essentially uses thousands of researchers and tech experts and rents out their brainpower.

The company has pulled together a network of 12,000 inventors & tech experts across 118 countries and offers expertise and assistance regarding some of the world’s most stimulating problems, right from cattle feed supplements to robotic invention. In February, Xinova employed more than 100 people globally across its ten offices worldwide.

The growth in Seattle’s startup scene is booming and it has already juiced up the office market. As a major chunk of startups leverages the power of machine learning, big data and AI to bring in the transformation of the industries of various stripes, Seattle is now welcoming job-seekers with an abundance of opportunities in the tech-based startup ecosystem. Does that mean, the Emerald City is opening doors to freelancers?

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