Introducing Video CVs. Demonstrate expertise. Establish Trust. Here’s why it can fetch you the best Gigs.

Aug 14, 2020
Aug 14, 2020

At Obuhi, we are unlocking freelance opportunities for you from the West. And video CVs can give you the edge to get noticed, by putting a face to your name, or should we say skills? A traditional CV talks about your skills, experience, and qualifications, but a video CV allows you to show your personality, allowing businesses to make a direct connection with their cultural fit.

Here’s why you should take them seriously:


1. They demonstrate your commitment

Most of the freelance sites, allow candidates to just copy-paste CVs as a word document. For small businesses, who are already busy taking care of their daily chores, it means going through hundreds of CVs. A simple video CV shows them that you have gone above and beyond what’s expected and taken time to make it tailored to the position.



2. They show your personality

Today organizations look for the right cultural fit, over and above the skills and expertise, you bring on board. Video CVs allow your personality to shine and help businesses make up their mind faster.




3. They show your ability to adapt

In today’s day and age where the tech landscape is changing so rapidly, you need to demonstrate that you are in with the current trends. Video CVs show that you understand the landscape and are willing to adapt to new ways, even if it means, taking some extra time out to fulfill the job.





4. They reflect professionalism

Video CVs allow as many retakes as you want and save the best take. Some candidates make the mistake of saving the first recording as their CV, however, the sheer ability it provides to take your time, write your script and say what best reflects your personality, makes all the difference in a cluttered freelancing space.



So if you are thinking video CVs are not for me. Think twice. Can you take the risk of getting lost in thousands of traditional CVs? Or would you rather stand out with a video CV?


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