Freelancing for American companies? 4 key things that you need to know

Divya Oberoi, Obuhi Marketing
Apr 27, 2020
Jun 1, 2020



Freelancing has changed the traditional dynamics between talent and value in India. People are scaling up the skill ladder rapidly freeing themselves from the claustrophobic boundaries of a designated full-time position. Today, one can sip coffee at Fort Mumbai while working on the most exciting of projects in LA or Seattle- intersecting domains and geographies in a jiffy.

But there are some pointers that you must keep in mind:

  • Time zones

This is one of the essential rules of the game that you, as a gigger need to ace. Morning in Mumbai means midnight in NY or early morning in LA, which means you must recalibrate your body clock and become a night owl.

  • Perceptions


American markets and consumers behave differently from ours. While similarities do exist, one can’t substitute one for the other. You need to have an acute insight into their culture, psyche, and preferences to produce truly path-breaking work.

  • Expectations

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Benchmarks on performance and quality differ vastly between India and the US. So, while an Indian client might be satisfied with half-baked jugaad, an American would want nothing less than absolute perfection from you. So you need to consistently skill-up to stay ahead of the game always.

  • Returns



When it comes to freelancing for American clients, returns are primarily determined by the quality of your work and the expectation that it will cost them significantly cheaper than in-housing. So you need to fine-tune your rates accordingly. Also, do keep in mind the strength of Rupee against the dollar. A weak rupee means more moolah for your effort and vice-a-versa.

The US is still the largest and most mature eco-system when it comes to all things tech and cool. It is also the largest consumer market on earth ( after China), so good recognition for your work there means opportunities and possibilities that could truly change your future for the better. But for that, you need to let your work scream out loud. So be the best in what you do.

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