8 Cool things that you can expect from freelancing platforms in 2020

Divya Oberoi, Obuhi Marketing
Apr 27, 2020
Jun 1, 2020

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The booming growth of freelancing over the past few years has made networking platforms, the natural launch pad of choice for most giggers. So if you are a highly skilled freelancer joining a platform, these are the 8 basic things that you would want them to provide for a great boost to your career this year:

  • Personalized marketing support that works:

As a freelancer hunting for new projects, the adage ‘your first impression is often the last one’ does matter a lot. This is why you should expect your platform to provide the right tools needed to put your best marketing foot forward so that you can make your expertise stand out in a crowd.

  • Enabling seamless ‘skill-up’:

For a freelancer, upskilling is the only way to succeed. A platform with dedicated learning and development support helps you in realizing that so you stay ahead of the capabilities curve always. For example, LinkedIn has set up an online portal that delivers compelling learning experiences for its members, ensuring seamless ‘skill-up’ without any hassle.

  • Soft-skills support for a ‘shining’ persona:

Freelancing success depends on making the right connections and one needs to be at their presentable best for that. This is why soft-skill proofing on aspects like time management, personality development, etc. are very important for you as a freelancer. A good marketplace/platform should be able to provide the same for you. Toptal, for example, is already providing individualized training support on things like leadership development, public speaking, etc.

  • Organizing meet-ups for shared learning:

Meetups are cool because they help you to grow with thoughtful connections and conversations. A good platform that proactively does that is, therefore, the right choice for you, always.

  • Keeping you up-to-date on everything and anything: 

As a freelancer knowing ‘what sells’ is an absolute imperative if you want to stay relevant. A good platform/marketplace provides that for you, combining external data with internal sales mapping to keep you in the loop with the latest developments, always.

  • Regularising feedback for continued self-improvement:

Performance backed by 360*evaluation looks, sounds and feels great. Many talent marketplaces are providing the same to freelancers, combining deep-dive analytics based on client-side metrics with traditional SWOT analysis, to enable freelancers like you to continuously monitor and improve your performance. Which is why it makes sense for you to join such platforms.

  • Mentoring that works:

Impactful mentoring is the perfect boost that a freelancer needs to accelerate their careers. A domain leader or a business coach can provide qualitative feedback and advice, that is unbiased logical and easily executable by a freelancer like you, enabling you to move up the food-chain easily. A good platform should be able to provide the same for you.

  • Fostering truly meaningful partnerships:

As a freelancer, productive collabs with like-minded individuals makes sense for fast track growth. A good platform helps you in gaining those by guiding you towards the right connections.

Many platforms or marketplaces like Obuhi are already providing these and much more to their registered users. From e-training to domain-based bootcamps, skill marketplaces of today are acting as growth engineers for their members, enabling them to explore and utilize untapped opportunities.

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