The mantra to fetch more work is ‘Network’

Picture this: you’ve signed into your social media account, you get page recommendations, you click and turns out there’s another freelancer with a similar skillset in close proximity. What do you do? Do you check out the freelancer’s profile or consider them as a threat and competition? Do you fear that your clientele would stumble upon the other freelancers’ profile and hence you should prove you are a superior freelancer? If you feel that way, you shouldn’t.

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The market is evolving, so is the skillset. Is your workforce ready?

About one-third of the core skillsets in most jobs will be soon replaced by the new ones. The lack of understanding of these disruptive changes will be one of the major barriers to this progression. There is a constant, fundamental transformation taking place in the way we work today. With the growing market and the changing work culture, the skillsets required in a workplace are also changing day-by-day. Subjects like Data Science, content management, statistical modelling, digital marketing and so on are gaining momentum. This is not the time to relax and wait for the events to unfold. Organisations have to be prepared for the future, while recognizing the changing talent requirements and redefine it accordingly.


In large organisations, the employers are focusing more on investing into training and development programs. Skill development has become one of the most important course of actions. However, for SMEs, the challenge still persists. The resources are limited, so is the skillset. So how do small organisations keep up with the rising competition?

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